Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Which functions and modules involved by PMonachus?
  • ANSWER: PMonachus involves; “Inventory and Stock Management” module which defines systems, devices and materials, “Configuration Management” module which builds systems/devices configuration breakdown and enables configuration management, “Maintenance Management” module which is carried out maintenance schedules and operations, “Document Management” module which allows for reviewing documents to share them in a common platform, “Human Resources Management” module which enables for managing all human resources for maintenance activities, “Reliability Management” module which provides an up to date system/device reliability by recording failure information and statistics.
  • What are the requirements of infrastructure for the system?
  • ANSWER: Any computer which has minimum Windows XP operating system, WEB Server and MS SQL Server Database is enough. Client PC which will connect to System (PMonachus) should only have an Internet Explorer. System allows multi-users on one PC.
  • What are the License Requirements?
  • ANSWER: System can be licensed module by module with minimum 5 (five) users.
  • Any training needed to use this software?
  • ANSWER: We provide training for licensed modules on the condition that training cost is included by license cost.
  • Is any consultancy service necessary for customization of PMonachus?
  • ANSWER: You don’t have to buy any consultancy services but we recommend.
  • What services are provided under warranty terms?
  • ANSWER: Any determined bugs will be fixed and our consultants will provide support about troubles belong to processes which are customized by our team without any cost.
  • How do you provide support after warranty ended?
  • ANSWER: Consultancy service is provided in terms of maintenance agreements which will be negotiated.
  • What is the language option of this software?
  • ANSWER: This system can be set up with multiple language options. While one user using Turkish, other one can use English.