Our experienced staff always ready to provide service to you during your production, maintenance & repair focused project, product-oriented life cycle processes and reliability engineering operations. If you need an external support, because of lack of time and expert or if you just need a consultancy for your processes, we are ready to provide service to you. Your requirements may be a reliable statistic analysis, generating technical documents for your products, feasibility report for your software decision or complex and long time life cycle analysis. We are ready to support you about logistic engineering and information technology processes.

To improve your processes, products and projects we support you:

- Reliabilty Engineering: Under specified conditions and during evaluated time period, possibilities of achieving missions and being capable which are expected from system/equipment that are calculated and evaluated through LSA engineering processes and Reliability Block Diagrams of this system/equipment which are designed and created,



- Process Analysis: Current condition analysis of your production, storage, maintenance and scheduling/planning processes, designing of specified system structure, doing project management based on this secified system design, offer and supply processes to buy proper tools, specification and tracking of process performance and criteria,



- Data Analysis and Modeling: Analyzing data, in case of data deficiencies, specifying these deficient data and modeling sources and processes of data collecting process, modeling specified system/products by depending on this data, specifying and reporting information system requirements (data core, software, network substructure, etc.) for the required system/products, preparing visual and proper reports for purposes by the information systems which management requires,



- Standardization: Reviewing and if necessary customizing your processes and documents within the scope of national and international standards, doing analysis and designs based on standards demanded by your customers,



- Technical Documentation: Preparing technical documents (Technical Introduction, Operator Guide, Troubleshooting Guide, Maintenance Plans and Cards, Exploded View Drawing Catalog, Life Cycle Cost Document, Handling Process Guide) of systems and devices which is the most important sourcefor operators to understand functions and operate systems more effectively. Adopt standards (S1000D, IETM, Shipdex etc.) for you and your customers.

-PMonachus Customization:During customization process of our own software, PMocanhus, to your company, we provide consultancy service on analysis, design, data transfer and starting live usage phases.