Monachus PLM


The surest way to ensure that products, which are rapidly becoming more complex with the developments in technology, always operate at the desired performance, is to use a maintenance management system that works integrated with your assets. 
M-PLM Product Lifecycle Management System offers fast, cost-effective and proactive solutions for the needs of all your assets, from single devices to complex systems, with its effective and useful modules that can be easily integrated with your assets. M-PLM is at your service with its user-friendly ERP modules that can be easily integrated into your infrastructure for your maintenance management system needs which are mentioned below.

  • Inventory Management Module with Company, Item, Item Group, Basic Stock Management Capabilities
  • Order Management Module, where Purchase Requests can be managed up to the Offer, Order and Shipment stage
  • Configuration Management Module has three sub-modules which include main configuration, unit configuration and asset management. Main Configuration Module allows defining main configuration templates for same type of platforms/systems. By using these templates, platforms assets can be managed in a hierarchical way via Unit Configuration and Asset Management Modules.
  • Maintenance Module, which enables the management of Maintenance systems and Maintenance from the headquarter with its multi-organizational structure, creates standard, simple and efficient methods for preventive and corrective maintenance and records them, thus provides easy access to the collected data.