Technical Document Editor

Quality, Consistent and Up-to-dateTechnical Document Preparation Software

The user manual, maintenance / repair document, illustrated parts catalog and similar documents are of great importance in order to maximize the lifetime supportability of your product. 

The consistency of the user manual, maintenance / repair document, illustrated parts catalogs with each other and the current configuration of your product is an important indicator that increases company brand value and product quality.

To provide all these elements, a strong, flexible, easily manageable, modular and process-oriented application is needed. Technical Document Editor(TDE) is an application, developed to meet your needs.

Highlights of the Technical Document Editor (TDE)


With its modular structure, you can prepare all documents as a set or start with your related module licensing according to your budget and license other modules over time.

Compliance with the Product Configuration

By the help of module, a technical document is prepared is compatible with the current configuration of the product. Thus, the changes in the product configuration are reflected in the document in a consistent manner, preventing problems in keeping the document up-to-date and delivering the most up-to-date document to the customer.

Consistency of Knowledge

Since TDE is a database application, inconsistency between the information entered while preparing a set of documents is prevented. Different outputs to be prepared according to customer needs are provided to be compatible with each other and inconsistencies between different outputs prepared for the same product are prevented.

Document Writer’s Efficiency

It was ensured that the author focused on the content without dealing with formatting, itemization, and indexing. By reusing of a previously written information, the possibility of making mistakes of the authors is minimized and the efficiency is increased. Exchange of common information in different documents, a significant discount in update costs has been achieved.

Flexible Output Types and Formats

The information entered is prepared as output in different formats and structures suitable for customer needs. Also, even if a part of the document is prepared by different authors, output can be produced in the same format as written by the same author.


It creates an XML data module in accordance with the S1000D specification, which is accepted as a standard in terms of technical documentation in the world. The S1000D specification has started to be seen as an imperative in the defense and aviation industry, and in the near future, the requirement for compliance with the S1000D will be sought for technical documentation.