By defining common support processes to be used across all S-Series IPS specifications and the interactions of the current S-Series IPS specifications with the different support processes, the SX000i forms the basis for sharing and exchanging data securely through the life of products and services. It provides the key processes and information that allow an IPS program to be launched and sustained.

SX000i provides a global IPS reference process, a guide for the use of the S-Series IPS specifications and an overall IPS program guidance for product support managers and practitioners. It also provides the necessary data model and XML schemas in order to exchange IPS-level information between all affected actors.

Purpose of the Specification

  • provides a framework that documents the global IPS process and interactions
  • provides guidance on how to satisfy specific business requirements using an appropriate selection of defined processes and specifications
  • defines the IPS data and information to be exchanged with other stakeholders and lower-level processes,
  • outlines how to carry out an IPS program across the whole product lifecycle, and provides instructions on how to tailor SX000i and how to contract against it