Order Management

It is an M-PLM module with Request Management, RFQ, Quotation, Purchase Orders, Shipment and Payment Tracking sub-modules, where material requests from customers can be met with process steps compatible with the international S2000M specification.

Request Management

  • Grouping requests in a header
  • Entering requests by customer or / and customer representative
  • Easy search and define items of the requests,
  • Easy access to past activities related to the item and alternatives


  • Requesting price quotes from suppliers:
    • Auto-creating for approved suppliers
    • Individually creating for each supplier
  • Processing offers received from suppliers:
    • Price offer for the requested item
    • Price offer for alternative item
    • Supply of the requested item as a set
    • The product requested as a set can be supplied individually


  • Creating Quotation Lines for Approved Request lines
  • Automatic calculation of the sales price, based on defined constants and profit rate
  • Approval process before offering to the Customer

PO Management

  • Creating Order Lines for Approved Quotation Lines
  • Volume Discounts can be applied to orders
  • Double check with the suppliers about Quotation Lines
  • Tracking order according to status
  • Revisioning of the order according to changing conditions

Shipment Management

  • Creating Shipments for Approved Order Lines
  • Tracking Delivery and Payment information
  • Managing incompatibility of delivered items


  • Decision Support Reports
  • Ability to add reports specific to customer needs