S2000M specification defines the processes, procedures and provides the information for data exchange to be used for material management throughout the lifecycle of a product.

The concept of the specification was originated in the Association Européenne des Constructeurs de Matériel Aérospatial (AECMA – now merged into ASD AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe) in 1976. With the memorandum signed in 2010, ASD and AIA decided to work together on a single specification.

Specification 2000M (S2000M) originally defined the Materiel Management processes and procedures to be used in support of aircraft and other aerospace airborne and ground equipment supplied to Military Customers. However, with Issue 4.0, it has been revised to include the business processes and data requirements applicable to any military Product. Although this Specification is designed for military Product support, it may nevertheless be used for the support of any non-military Product.

This specification is designed to cover all Materiel Management activities in support of military Products which are mentioned below:

  • Provisioning Process of Support Items and Spares
  • Spare Parts List
  • Procurement Planning
  • Order Administration
  • Invoicing
  • Material Supply General; Provides Processes, Procedures and Techniques for Pricing, Order Administration, Transportation and Invoicing.