S3000L describes the processes and analysis activities to be used for the definition of a suitable support system, needed to operate technical complex, cost-intensive and long living products.

In order to ensure that technically complex and long-lasting products are ready for use at the highest rate at the least cost, the necessary resources must be identified and a suitable product support environment must be created from the beginning of the product usage phase.

A comprehensive analysis process should be conducted to meet support requirements throughout the product life cycle. This process ensures that all product support requirements are taken into account during the design and development phase, the usage phase, and finally the de-inventory phase.

The S3000L specification has been created to cover the following activities and requirements necessary for the structuring and methodological execution of the logistics support analysis process;

  • Creating an integrated product support solution,
  • Identify the resources required to support a system,
  • To reduce costs,
  • Increasing availability,
  • To exchange information between different stakeholders,
  • Storing data and results for future reference