S1000D Services

By combining our more than 20 years of experience in the field of technical documentation with our knowledge of the S1000D specification and current developments in the field, we provide services for both the most accurate preparation of your technical documents in compliance with the S1000D specification and the conversion of your existing technical documents to the S1000 format.

S1000D Business Rules Management

The S1000D is a specification that should be tailored and adapted according to the needs of institutions. Adaptation activities are carried out through “Business Rules” which are determined according to the needs of your project or institution. In this context the following activities are carried out:

  • Determining and documenting the business rules defined in the S1000D specification at every stage of your Project
  • Preparation of BREX data modules so that the determined project decisions can be implemented accurately and completely by the authors
  • Revision management of the BREX data module and business rules document in case new decisions are made or existing decisions change in the later stages of the Project
  • Providing S1000D training to personnel who will participate in technical documentation activities and organizing training on applying the determined project business rules in the work.

Content Analysis and Implementation

Content analysis activity is carried out as the data that will form the content of the technical documents matures, both for the preparation of new documents and for the adaptation of your existing documents to the S1000D format. In this process, all the information that needs to be included in the technical documents is examined and grouped according to the SNS structure. After this information is grouped, it is separated into CSDB objects (Data Modules, ICN objects, broadcast modules, etc.) according to their subject, scope and depth. The parsed technical data is turned into a technical publication using the methods specified in the S1000D specification and XML templates published with the specification, and revision tracking is carried out.

Style Sheet Design

Output formats of your technical documents are designed according to your needs. In this context, after determining the business rules regarding the output format, XSL codes are prepared and in the later stages of the project, if new decisions are made regarding the output formats or existing decisions change, the XSL codes are revised and updated.