S4000P provide practice-based analytical methodologies for developing PMTR with repetitive scheduled intervals (PMTRI) as the basis for elaboration of initial preventive maintenance programs for Products. In addition, preventive maintenance programs must comprise sets of preventive maintenance tasks without repetitive scheduled intervals that are applicable, effective and performed after the confirmed entry or after the assumed entry of special events (PMTRE).

Both the initial PMTR development and the subsequent review and improvement of the preventive maintenance tasks must support the achievement of the following aspects:

  • Ensure / maintain safety, including safety/emergency systems and/or emergency equipment for the SP,
  • Avoid any conflict with law(s) and/or any significant impact on environmental integrity (ecological damage) during mission/operation and/or during maintenance activities,
  • Optimize mission/operational capability/availability,
  • Optimize economy (reduction of Life Cycle Costs = LCC).

In this regard, the purpose of the S4000P is:

  • To provide analytical methods to develop PMTR that will form the basis for the preparation of preventive maintenance programs of products and
  • To define a process for continuous improvement of preventive maintenance throughout the In-Service phase.